There is so much power in the "me too".  As someone who has shared her story on social media to women for the last 3.5 years, I've found that there is so much power in sharing your story, because when you do, you always find someone on the other side saying "me too".  Yes, you might think you are all alone and YES, it's super scary putting yourself out there and being vulnerable to the world, but when we share our lives with each other, we open up an opportunity for ministry.


This is my passion.  My passion is to share with as many people possibly the story of mess.  The story of how God changed my mess into a message and my test into a testimony.  I have a burning desire to get this message into the ears to anyone who will listen because I know there's a sister out there struggling to be heard, struggling to be seen, and feeling like she's the only one!  You need to hear this girls story so you can see what a mess I was in and how God cleaned me up and redeemed me into the woman that I am today.

Only by the grace of God.

I have a burning passion to share this with you because I know my story has the ability to help you get back on the road to transformation and restoration.  Because there's power in the "me too".  Maybe you've struggled far too long.  Maybe you need to hear it from someone else who did too, but is now on the other side!

I would love the opportunity to share my story with you, with your church, with your community or just with you one on one.  Reach out to me and let's connect!

The Power of #MeToo