Good Friends and Hard Times

February 5, 2019


I love my friends. Like I REALLY love them y’all. 

So when one of them is going through something, it hurts my heart. 

I want to tell you a little something about being a GOOD friend. Maybe it’s because I’ve had some people be bad friends to me, but I feel like I’m a really good friend - or maybe I’m just super stubborn. 

Soooo.... here’s the deal sister! When you have a friend that tells you she’s FINE or that she’s OKAY or that she’s GOT THIS and you KNOW deep down that she’s going through some stuff...

You call her out on it. 

Every time. 

You don’t let her tell you to go away. You don’t let her tell you she’s fine. You don’t allow her to pretend that everything is okay when her whole world is falling apart. 

She may not tell you, but as her friend, some things you just know. Some things you just have a gut reaction about. If you do, you lean in to that. You are that safe place for her and girls, we need each other. 

Sometimes we just think that we are stronger than we really are and we don’t want to burden anyone with our problems, but oh sister! That’s what friends are for. It’s okay to say you’re not okay and you can stop saying you’re fine in the first place. 

Be a good friend and don’t overlook someone who may really need you today.

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