17 Years

June 23, 2019


We freaking made it.

Ya know, when you are standing at the altar you aren't really thinking of what the "worse" could entail from the “for better or worse” part of your vows. 

But 17 years in...well, we’ve been to hell and back. 



We share our story to encourage others because there were times we felt like there was no coming out of it. 

For us, it was betrayal, secrets, lies, unfaithfulness. Even if your struggles are the same, they look different on each of us. But one thing is for certain - we all have a CHOICE. 

If it's you who were betrayed, you are standing at the crossroads, and everybody around tells you to condemn the cheater for life - STOP LISTENING! People share your sad facts but not your feelings. They have no idea how much it hurts, this pain of not being together anymore, like the big part of you has been torn and you are bleeding. There's no tranquilizer to numb this pain and no revenge will ease your suffering. And deep inside you know that the only way to stop this agony that's eating you alive is to FORGIVE. 

Oh, people will JUDGE for sure, but sooner or later they will move on. And you will stay with that one person you can't live without. You will put the betrayal behind you until it becomes just a distant memory. But there's one thing you've learned - not to take anything for granted anymore. Because true love turns from a blessing to curse only when it's taken away from you. 

People make mistakes. Big mistakes. Life changing mistakes. Sometimes more than once. I'm talking about someone who is still in love but they make a mistake just because they are a weak human being and they've succumbed to a temptation that promised heaven but delivered hell. The kind of misstep when you look back and ask yourself what was I thinking? How could I have done that to my spouse? To my family? 


We all have to FIGHT LIKE HELL for our marriages. Couples like us will realize the consequences of jeopardizing their relationship due to a fleeting temptation. But they will also come out stronger, more protective of their feelings, having experienced firsthand how much there is to lose. They will celebrate every precious minute of being together after those tormenting days of being apart or the days of heartache of both sides. 

So just like us, I encourage you to choose forgiveness and second chances over living an empty life, full of loneliness, mistrust and bitter regrets.

Happy Anniversary to a man like no other man in this universe. Thank you for not listening to what everyone else said that you should do and loving me anyway. God truly has blessed me with a man who loves me unconditionally with a love only God could give. I’m so grateful for you, your forgiveness and your love, and prayers. But most of all - for showing me what it’s like to love like Jesus loves. You never cease to amaze me. 

For better or worse.


~Genesis 50:20

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