Heaven on Earth

August 26, 2019


Have you ever experienced REAL worship? I’m talking worship that changes you, transforms you, and feels like a little bit of heaven on earth. I have. Last night, and it marked me. It was an encounter. A worship experience that I’ll remember always.  

Over the last two years, I’ve really learned to worship freely. Not to care who is looking at me, or what people think of me, but of what my God deserves of me, and that’s my ALL during worship. It’s freed me from so much bondage. It’s brought me closer to Jesus. 

I’ve been to some amazing services, some services where we worship for over an hour and you feel the presence of God so strong. There’s nothing like it. I hope you’ve experienced it too. It’s a little bit of heaven on earth.

But last night - words can’t even describe it. It was like God allowed us at Oak Grove Church of God to experience a little slice of heaven last night. It wasn’t on the schedule to have an entire night of praise, worship, and testimony, but that’s where the Holy Spirit led and that’s where we went, and WOW how God honored that.

I was blown away by how God used Stacy Taylor, one of our worship leaders. She wasn’t just singing, she was praising God and BELIEVING Him to be true. When you sing something that you believe like that, WITH ALL YOUR HEART, like she did, people feel that, and it’s CONTAGIOUS.

To top it off, when I came home I was tucking Noah into bed he had just shut his phone off for the night. He told me he had been listening to “It is well with my soul”  Most moms can agree that this isn’t at the top of the playlist for most preteens. Last night had an impact on him as well.

I want to live my life in continuous worship. Never forgetting what God did for me. Always remembering where He brought me from. I’m just thankful that I was able to experience it. To be in the presence of God, with His people, free to worship, free to testify, free to be used by God. There’s no place I’d rather be, than in the presence of God.

May you find that presence today  

Happy Monday 😊 

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