Resolutions are Garbage

December 31, 2018

Resolutions.  They are garbage.  Complete and utter garbage.  


Like, why would you say, "I'll never eat another piece of that double layer of triple chocolate fudge cake with cream cheese frosting that I love so much" only to obsess over it endlessly.


Or promise yourself that you will pay off $1 million debt that you owe and you will never spend a dime over your budget and promise to wear rags until it is paid.


Let's be real, Susan, those things just ain't happening -- and you set those same "resolutions" 7 years in a row.  Then live in guilt as each new year approaches, knowing that you have failed miserably.




If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not fond of resolutions.  I AM, however, very fond of goal setting.  Casting a VISION for your life and declaring it, in writing.


It's biblical.  Proverbs 29:18 tells us where there is no vision, the people perish (KJV)  Most people are more diligent about making their grocery lists than they are about setting goals for their lives. But this simply isn't what God has intended for us.


I've been setting goals and casting a vision for my life for the last 5 years and have watched dreams unfold because of this!  


Here's a couple things that I've done that I want to share with you as you head into 2019...


#1.  Get it on PAPER.


It's simply a wish until you write it down.  There is power in writing your goals down on paper.  Personally, I write down 10 goals that I want to see accomplished within the next year and write them down on paper.  I spend some time on this.  I think about my health, my spiritual life, my family, relationships, my marriage, my lifestyle, hobbies, career & business.  You want to make sure you are balanced and covering all areas of life.  At first I write my goals out in pencil until I have them narrowed down.  Once I have them narrowed down, I transfer then in ink, which brings us to our next step!


#2.  Write them in DECLARATIONS


When transferring your goals from pencil to ink, transfer them in I AM statements, or declarations.  For instance, if your goal is to lose 50lbs by July 31st you wouldn't just say I want to lose 50lbs, you would write down "I have lost 50lbs by July 31st".  All your goals are to be written this way, as if you have already achieved them.  So write them down, as if you have already achieved them.  One more example.  You want to pay off your credit card debt.  You would say "I have paid off my credit card debit in 2019."


#3. Keep your DECLARATIONS visible


Most people forget what their resolutions were before the calendar even turns.  Not you, not this year.  Because you aren't setting resolutions.  You are setting goals, with declarations.  Now with these 10 declarations in front of you, post them somewhere that you will see them daily.  In your office, on your refrigerator, maybe take a screenshot of them and put them on the lock screen on your phone.  They need to be on the forefront of your mind so you don't forget what you are striving for.


#4.  Now get to work


Stick to a schedule, a routine that will put you on track to reach your goal.  If you have set a goal to lose 50lbs by July 31st, you need to see how much weight you should be on target to lose each week, then weigh and measure each week to see if you are on track.  If you aren't on track, you need to course correct so that you are, because you WILL meet this goal, remember?  If your goal is to pay off a certain amount of debt, figure out how much money each week/month you need to pay off to be debt free by the end of the year and make sure you are on track.  Be smart about your goals and stick to reaching your goals on the daily.  


So many times we think it takes something BIG to happen to reach those big goals, for that bigger vision to happen in our lives, when in reality it's the compound effect.  It's the daily behaviors that add up over time that add up to big goals.  That is what makes us or breaks us.  THIS is why it's important to have your declarations right in front of you.  So you remember you WILL reach your goals by the end of the year, no matter what, and you will be reminded of what you need to do on the daily to keep you on track.





So this New Year's don't fall into the trap of setting resolutions.  Throw them into the garbage, right where they belong.  Set goals.  Set a vision for your life, and watch it unfold.  

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