Why We don't "DO" Santa

December 24, 2018





That’s how I would describe the general reaction of people when they find out that we don't "do" or never have done Santa. I get it, our children are very deprived. 



 Now before you go and judge me or think that I am the grinch who REALLY stole Christmas let me explain WHY we decided NOT to "do" Santa before we ever had kids...


I'm pretty sure I believed in Santa until I was 21...No really!


We really got into Santa!  I vividly remember one year when he knocked down the curtains in the living room when his sleigh landed too hard on the roof!  I think I was more excited about that than the actual gifts under the tree!  My brother and I wrote letters, created lists, set out milk and cookies and went to bed early the night before Christmas! They are some of my fondest memories! So naturally finding out that Santa was just a figment of our imaginations was devastating to me! Like for real! It broke me in two!  

Pretty sure I cried for weeks! 


When the kids were really small, many just assumed that we brainwashed them to tell every child that Santa wasn't real and I couldn't tell you how many calls I received from parent's asking WHY we would do this and PLEASE do not spoil it for their kids.



The truth? Knowing Santa wasn't real devastated me and personally, I am pretty materialistic and tend to put too much focus there and didn't want that to happen with my kids, so that's one reason for the decision.


Last year during church I was reminded at church, by my pastor that we have sanitized Christmas and have killed all the Jesus germs  that come with the season.


Heart wrenching.


More than anything we wanted our kids to have a desire, a passion to come and adore HIM. Sure, you can do that with Santa, but for us, the decision was clear...


Jesus is the focus.


We never told the kids THERE IS NO SANTA... so I really wanted to tell the ridiculous parents telling me to not spoil it for their kids to chill all the way out -- we weren’t brainwashing them, they just knew Santa like they knew Dora the Explorer (she was popular back then, OKAY)


I mean, they were babies for crying out loud! They still got their picture with him, still hated it and it terrified them, but I scrapbooked it because my dial-up would have taken 3 years to post that baby...(on MYSPACE) anyone remember that social media platform??!


I know we are in the minority here. There is absolutely no judgement, I just want to share what WE do and what has worked for us. Because I feel like so often we feel the need to JUST DO what EVERYONE else does without giving any thought if it works for us or our family.  But why?!


Like...why do we do the things we do anyway, right?


I only have so much time with them and this is actually one area I have been INTENTIONAL with. There is only so much time to invest in them, show them what is important, teach them that they are NOT entitled to anything and it also teaches ME so much, that I honestly wasn't expecting.


As a parent, I don't need to keep up either. Honestly, I’m not worried about “spoiling it” for anyone else. God gave me a responsibility with two. Two kids that I have decisions to make over. No one else to answer to.



So I don't need to chase around the hottest item, making sure my kids are happy and get everything on their list. Let's be honest right now. They're jerks most of the time, so honestly, they don't really deserve much of anything besides what they already have! 

I'm not stressed out by trying to hide the gifts because let’s be real, I would forget the hiding places.


Seriously though, I have one shot at this thing. We ALL have one shot!


My way, our way, isn't the best way. It is for US. In no way am I saying that I think it is harmful that other people "do" Santa or elves because I honestly think that we all have to do what makes our own families work!


That's what it is all about anyway, right?


Making it work with the ones we love.

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