Lessons in Quitting on Yourself

July 28, 2018



I'm a serial quitter!  It's true.  I've quit just about everything I've ever started in my life.  Now, hear me out!  When I was growing up, I was NEVER allowed to quit anything.  Ironic, right?  The catch is, I wasn't allowed to quit until the season was over.  So....I quit softball when the season was over, I quit dance when the fall session ended, I didn't make it for cheer after cheering for a year so I quit and didn't try out again. 


I quit playing piano after 3 years, band after 4, went to college 3 different times before getting a degree because I kept quitting, and gah! my fitness journey, I've stopped and started so many times it's not even funny.  Oh, and my list of jobs is endless because I quit and go to the next best thing!  But the worst?  I just about quit on my marriage. 


Y'all!  I'm serious...I'm a SERIAL QUITTER!





Maybe you can relate.  Maybe things get tough or boring and you go back to what is familiar or more exciting. 


It's HARD work to study, take exams, and FINISH college, it's EASIER to QUIT and settle for less that what you know you are capable of. 


It's HARD to practice for a sport or a talent every single day and much EASIER to QUIT to binge on 45 episodes of your favorite show on Netflix. 


It's HARD to put down that cookie that is calling your name from across the room and pick up the carrot stick that you will NEVER, and I mean never crave, and I don't care who tells you differently, because getting in shape is hard, staying out of shape is much easier.  QUITTING on myself in that area has been a never ending challenge and I am a health and fitness coach!


It's HARD to stick with a job that is boring and mundane but pays well, when another job presents itself to you that seems exciting in the moment, that seems like the easy way out, it's EASY to QUIT and chase the next best thing.


Now let's talk about the more serious matters.  Your finances, your marriage, your relationship with Jesus.




It's HARD to discipline yourself to balance your checkbook weekly, to allocate money for spending and to live within your means, but it's EASY to QUIT and go back to credit cards and endless amounts of debt that keep you in bondage.


It's HARD to work on a marriage that seems hopelessly dead and beyond repair, and much EASIER to QUIT and find yourself in the arms of someone else who makes you feel valuable and worthy.


It's HARD to sit down each day and make time for Jesus, to sit at His feet, read His word, worship His name, spend time in prayer and listen to his voice, and much EASIER to QUIT because you are too busy and don't have time to just take a few minutes for what is most important.




Before you know it, your whole world is chaos.  Things begin to creep in so SILENTLY and covertly as to not even be perceived as a threat until they are clearly present and just that...a threat to your entire life.  Then you quit on the really important things.  Like your marriage, like being a godly parent, friend, trustworthy employee.  You begin to make other things more important that your spouse, your family, like your career, your hobbies, that smartphone!  Simple things begin to steal your joy if you do not spend that intimate time with Him.  Girl!  Listen to me, do not QUIT on Him.




Hebrews 10:23 tells us to "Hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise".  We must hold tightly to Him.  CLING to him.  Just as Ruth clung to Naomi in the book of Ruth (Ruth 1:14)


God is teaching me to QUIT QUITTING, but I can only do that if I cling to Him!  He is also teaching me that each phase of quitting, it wasn't necessarily quitting.  My jobs for example, have each taught me something, but the first career path that I was in was not what God was calling me to do.  It did, however, bring people into my life that would shape me into the woman that I am today to prepare me for the mission that God has for me.  Those jobs were stepping stones.


Other areas, oh!  They were quitting, and God is also teaching me there, too, that I have much work to do and need to persevere through the HARD, through the suck!  He has also been whispering to me that I am strong and don't quit more than I do!  I like challenges and push through far more than I don't, I just don't see that as often!


Lessons in life are hard y'all!  Pain is involved many times, and then there is a recovery process that reminds us of that pain.  It's to teach us, to show us the right way. 





Let us not be girls who quit. 


Let us be girls who persevere. 


Let us be girls others can count on.


Let us be girls God can count on.



XO, Mandy




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