Salt, Bubbles & Fishers of Men.

September 5, 2018

Jesus called us to be transformation agents. He transformed every area of my life and I’m crazy enough to think that I can shed light on this world -- because he called us to be the salt and the light.  How will the evil become less evil if I don’t show love to the ones who need it most?


As a Christian, it is very hard to change a world you are not in. 





Listen -- I totally get staying away from certain places, shielding your children and those sorts of things, but being SEPARATE from a lost and dying world is not what Jesus meant when he said GO YE into ALL THE WORLD!  I can’t sit by and separate myself totally from this world. That’s not what being in this world not of it means. ​​


It means not to be the same substance of that world. If we aren’t engaged with the world we can’t change it.


Yes, I believe that I can rescue the girl who thinks she'll never be good enough, the one who has ruined her marriage and thinks it can never be restored.  Yes, I believe that I can rescue the woman who is an alcoholic and drinks day and night to dumb the pain of her depression.  Yes, I believe -- because someone reached down and rescued me when I was that girl, when I was that woman.  Oh!  And if they haven't, I would not have been shown the love of Jesus!  I would not be where I am today, passionate and living life to the fullest!​​


So yes!  I will GO YE into ALL THE WORLD.  Yes, to those who are portraying evil.  Why?  So they begin to want what we have. Who else is going to win them to Christ? Isn’t that the ultimate goal?


I’ve learned to think of things differently over the years as I know the goal is to reach others for the cause of Christ and to do that I have to be a Christian in the midst of a lost and broken world. Jesus walked among them. He healed them, loved them and taught them. Our world is dark but Jesus told us he would make us fishers of men, I can’t stay in my Christian bubble with that calling on my life.




Our job is the reach down into this dying world and help others out of their darkness.  One precious person at a time.



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