Forget what hurt you, but not what it taught you

August 1, 2019


Forget what hurt you...but never forget what it taught you.

WARNING: This may be too harsh for my self-righteous friends. You might want to stop reading now.

Sometimes we don't always understand why things happen in our life. Why we make decisions that hurt the ones we love, why we always have to learn the hard way or why, when we do everything right, things still don't fall into place.

It takes a LOT of TIME to forget your hurt. Those feelings of inadequacy and shame have lingered far longer than I like to admit.

One of my favorite pastors says this over and over...Satan comes to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY.

He also likes to instigate falls that carry long-term effects. Sexual sin is a perfect choice to achieve his goals. It can be highly addictive. It breeds shame like nothing else and has uniquely horrendous ramifications.

Some sin you can just ask for forgiveness and move on. But sexual sin, I have a much harder time dumping the garbage. Why? Because spiritually speaking, it got on me somehow. The sin was against my own body and wields a much stronger staying power.

Sexual sin can be dumped, all right, but not in a garbage bin. Only Christ through the power of His cross can peel off the adhesive effects of sexual sin. The sin against the body somewhat resembles the outer layer of skin on a burn victim. It must be peeled off, and fresh new skin must be allowed to grow.

The sin is forgiven the moment the person repents, but healing from the ramifications can take longer.

Brick by brick, God builds a mighty fortress around our lives as we learn to bring to the light that which we by human nature leave in the dark, what I left in the dark for far too long.

We are still working on forgetting the hurt, but what I have been taught is that I have to be ME no matter who I am around, I have the ability to minister to women and families who have unfortunately gone through the same mess, I weeded out those in my life who weren't real friends and gained those who are true.

You see, for a moment Satan began to steal and kill our family. One thing's for sure. He can't DESTROY it. It's why I share this journey! Because I thought it was destroyed too. Many of my "Christian friends" sure did let me know that too! "You've messed up too much this time, Mandy." So glad I didn't listen to those "friends". Who, by the way, will read this and go to their church this morning asking others if they saw what I posted. "Can you believe she posted that?"


Well, God had other plans. Plans to heal and bring forgiveness and love and ministry.


​​You aren't destroyed. No mistake is too great, no mess too messy, no secret too much for our God. If we can overcome this horrible mess, you can too!



 I'm thankful for the lessons I've learned through all the hurt, but more importantly, for God's grace that none of us deserve. 

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