Me too, GIRL

June 8, 2018

I’ve always said there’s so much POWER in the ME TOO. 


"You too? I thought I was the only one."




So much power.


We just need each other sometimes. Friendship and community are two of the most beautiful gifts God gave us. 


When we love each other, when we come alongside one another, when we do life next to our sisters, we are acting out God's great love for us.


You may have no idea the ache in your sister’s heart if you never share your “ME TOO”. 


You may not have the right words or the wisdom to guide, but GIRL you have ears to listen.


You have arms that can be opened and hearts that can be softened.


You and I, the ones that have OVERCOME some hardships in our lives, we have the power to LOVE on our struggling sisters, to share our mess and show them that if they don’t give up, that they, too can freaking make it.


We NEED to remind each other of God's great love for us.


Sometimes loving each other well means laying aside our pride, and holding out our hearts in fragile vulnerability.


When I'm open about my hurting heart, I'm giving my girls the freedom to love me in my absolute brokenness. 



Receiving is hard for me. I feel much more comfortable giving. Because honestly, I like to be needed. It gives me a sense of purpose. But GIRL, I need help too.


You don't have to be strong all the time.


You need people.


Genesis 2:18

God designed you and me for deep, beautiful community. 


You may be suffering in silence right now. 


Me too, Girl. 


You may be angry and confused at life's circumstances right now. Me too, Girl. 


You may be aching over our broken nation right now. Me too, Girl. 


But you don't have to walk through this alone. 


Please, please, please find someone to love on as your girl, your sister, your friend and do life with her. 


Walk alongside her. Send that text message to her. Bridge that gap. Hold that hand. Cry with her. Listen to her. And then let her in to your world, also. 


Girls, we need each other right now. Let's dig deeper and discover true, meaningful friendships. It's a gift of God.

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