Glass slippers, fairytales & my happily ever after

June 1, 2018


When I was a little girl I LOVED fairy tales and the happily ever after. Not just Cinderella and Snow White, but you know, the more realistic fairy tales. Movies where couples would have picnics for lunch and things were always painted picture perfect.

When my own fairy tell came crashing down I felt as though I could actually hear the glass slipper shatter, even though it was my own doing. There are a million broken pieces. I will never be able to put it back together.

At first, I'll be honest,I wanted the slipper to just stay there, shattered. It was just too hard to try to piece it back together! But you see, I have this amazing prince, who although hurt by my actions, wanted that shoe to fit again, and surprisingly, it HAS!

We decided to share our story. This horrible time in our life of infidelity will not go in vain! A strange thing began to happen soon after our very first post! Probably because I admit to such a flawed and sinful past, messages began to come in to my inbox and emails of women confessing for the first time, to being tempted and then defeated, just as I had!

You see, I had no one who could "relate" so I thought. I was the only woman in the universe who had every had an affair. I was alone and had no one to talk to! 


 I soon realized I wasn't alone. It's just that no one wants to talk about it. I understand that. You are ashamed, embarrassed and are afraid of what others will think or say about you in their Sunday School classes.

You see, these women I talk to are horrified and taken aback at what they have done and what they appear capable of doing. Over and over I have read the same statement in my inbox..."For the life of me, I can't figure out how something like this could have happened." 

They are ashamed to go to their church, the exact place where they should feel safe. Why? Well because maybe they would face something like I did when I opened up to my spiritual friends. Because these so-called Christians would be SHOCKED at how bruised by defeat we are is a gross understatement. Among the better news is that God is most assuredly not shocked. Grieved perhaps, but not shocked. 

These amazing women have come to me, because like I was, they feel as if they have hit an all time low and there is no coming out of it!

At our strongest moment, we are NO match for Satan. You might not be tempted by sexual desires, but I'm here to tell you SO many are! Don't judge someone just because they sin differently than you.

My fairy tale has taken a different spin, but I have chosen to wear my glass slipper with flaws and all. There are still a few missing pieces that will need to be put back together, but I know that in God's timing, He will put it right back in place and it will sparkle and shine brighter than it did in the first place.




Honestly, there's just something freeing about being YOU, flaws and all! My sweet sisters who have experienced what I have, hang tight, time will heal and God is in the restoration business! He loves all your broken pieces!






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