Oh hey!

So excited that you stopped by! I would love to get to know you better! You have not stumbled upon this page by chance!  I promise you that <3  So....let's talk sister!

I'm just gonna get right to it.  I've been through HELL the last few years and have lived to tell about it.  I know it was for a reason.  A reason to possibly help YOU.  I've felt like I'm not enough, to being full of myself.  I've battled a very addicted personality in all areas of life, which has in turn affected relationships, my faith, my marriage and the list goes on and on.  Depression and anxiety are an ongoing issue that I've overcome, yet still have to stand on guard against.  As a kid, I always felt out of place, but that I was made for greatness.  Sounds, cocky, huh?  Maybe, but I know God has set me apart for amazing things, and He has YOU too!

I tell you all this, because if I can overcome all of this, so can you.  I use my story to help inspire and encourage other women to build businesses from the comfort of their own home by sharing their own story and by stepping out of their comfort zone and realizing that God has a vision for their lives too, far beyond changing diapers and watching cartoons.  He wants you to make a difference in the lives of others.​

He wants us to empower each other.  To support each other.  To lift each other up.


So yes, I am a wife, a mom, and I love fashion & fitness and I am pretty hilarious if I do say so myself ;) If you ask my husband he would say I am strong-willed, stubborn, opinionated and love to argue ;) But what does he know ;) Gah!  I love that man...no one else would put up with me, that's for dang sure!

Here's the thing, girl!  I once was stuck and now I'm living life on MY terms!  I was depressed, barely able to function in life, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, ADHD, binge eating disorder, a marriage that was falling apart and quite frankly, no will to live. My faith was fleeting.

I'm here to tell you, I'm NONE of those things today! 

Maybe you're stuck, maybe something here resonates with you. If it does, let's chat NOW and let me share with you how I was able to overcome SO MANY of my self limiting beliefs.

You, sister, are GOOD ENOUGH, too!